Solar Energy Panels

Clean and green is the future

The sun provides the earth with heat and light. It is a source of energy that can be harnessed in numerous ways. Today many technologies have been developed to use this tremendous energy to our advantage.

Solar Energy can be converted to power that can be put to use in large-scale applications or in smaller systems within your home environment. Both small and large businesses can diversify their energy sources by utilizing solar power. This can improve both efficiency and save money. Solar powered technologies can be used for heating and cooling, industrial processes, electricity and water heating.

Residential homes and personal spaces can also benefit from the use of solar power. It can be used for heating and cooling as well as for heating water. Many more homeowners are realizing the important role solar energy can play in making their dwellings more pleasant and comfortable.

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We have installed Solar Panels at

  • Fremont Court House
  • Hayward City Hall
  • DeAnza College
  • Foothill College